Film klasik:Charlie Chaplin & The Three Stooges

Divx (format avi) Charlie Chaplin
2 DVD berisi 32 film (9 judul Charlie Chaplin The MOVIE)
List JuduL2nya :
Charlie Chaplin – A Dogs Life (1918)
Charlie Chaplin – A Film Johnnie (1914)
Charlie Chaplin – A Night In The Show (1915)
Charlie Chaplin – A Night Out
Charlie Chaplin – A Woman of Paris(1923) – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – A Woman
Charlie Chaplin – Behind The Scenes
Charlie Chaplin – Between Showers (1914)
Charlie Chaplin – By The Sea (1915)
Charlie Chaplin – Charlie Shanghaied – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – Cruel Cruel Love
Charlie Chaplin – Festival – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – His New Job
Charlie Chaplin – Mabel’s Married Life (1914)
Charlie Chaplin – Monsieur Verdoux (1947) – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – One A.M.
Charlie Chaplin – Pay Day (1922)
Charlie Chaplin – Police (1916)
Charlie Chaplin – Shoulder Arms – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – Tango Tangles – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – The Adventurer
Charlie Chaplin – The Bank (1915)
Charlie Chaplin – The Champion
Charlie Chaplin – The Count
Charlie Chaplin – The Cure
Charlie Chaplin – The Gold Rush (1925) – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – The Good for Nothing
Charlie Chaplin – The Kid Auto Race In Venice
Charlie Chaplin – The Kid – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – The Pawnshop – The MOVIE
Charlie Chaplin – Triple Trouble
Charlie Chaplin – Work

The Three Stooges

2 DVD format AVI berisi 42 Judul (3 judul The MOVIE) DVD RIP QUALITY !!!

01.The Three Stooges (The Movie) – GO Around the World in a Daze
02.The Three Stooges (The Movie) – Stooges Meet Hercules
03.The Three Stooges (the Movie) – Stooges-in-Orbit
04.The Three Stooges – A Ducking They Did Go (1939)
05.The Three Stooges – All the Worlds a Stooge
06.The Three Stooges – Back To The Woods
07.The Three Stooges – Booby Dupes (1945)
08.The Three Stooges – Bubble Trouble
09.The Three Stooges – Crash Goes the Hash (1944)
10.The Three Stooges – Dizzy Pilots (1943)
11.The Three Stooges – Dumb Clucks
12.The Three Stooges – Dutiful But Dumb (1941)
13.The Three Stooges – False Alarms (1936)
14.The Three Stooges – Fiddlers Three (Shemp)(1948)
15.The Three Stooges – Flat Foot Stooges
16.The Three Stooges – Fright Night (1947)
17.The Three Stooges – Grips,Grunts & Groans
18.The Three Stooges – Half-Wits Holiday (1947)
19.The Three Stooges – Healthy, Wealthy And Dumb (1938)
20.The Three Stooges – HigherThan A Kite(1943)
21.The Three Stooges – Hoi Polloi
22.The Three Stooges – Hokus Pokus (1949)
23.The Three Stooges – If A Body Meets A Body (1945)
24.The Three Stooges – Im A Monkeys Uncle
25.The Three Stooges – In The Sweet Pie And Pie
26.The Three Stooges – Mummy’s Dummies (1948)
27.The Three Stooges – Plumbing We will Go
28.The Three Stooges – Pop Goes The Easel
29.The Three Stooges – Spook Louder (1943)
30.The Three Stooges – The Ghost Talks (1949)
31.The Three Stooges – Three Arabian Nuts (1951)
32.The Three Stooges – Three Dark Horses (1952)
33.The Three Stooges – Three Little Beers (1935)
34.The Three Stooges – Three Loan Wolves (1946)
35.The Three Stooges – Three Smart Saps (1942)
36.The Three Stooges – Pardon My Scotch
37.The Three Stooges – Whoops, I’m An Indian (1936)
38.The Three Stooges -An Ache In Every Stake (Remake in Color)- (1941)
39.The Three Stooges -Dizzy Doctors (Remake in Color)
40.The Three Stooges -No Census, No Feeling (Remake in Color)- (1940)
41.The Three Stooges -Punch Drunks (Remake in Color)- (1934)

Per DVD @Rp.25.000,-

Borong smua 4 DVD,Rp.90.000,- saja!(Belum termasuk ongkir)


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