Mandriva 2008 Spring PowerPack

Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring is out: 10th years of innovation!
For 10 years, Mandriva has offered its users a clear alternative on the desktop.
A complete, easy to use solution, it provides all the features expected of a
modern desktop: office, Internet, multimedia and games. Mandriva Powerpack
2008 Spring is the best of Mandriva: a selection of the best open source
software, with exclusive additions.

Simple and secure configuration
The Mandriva Control Center has been designed to make it easy to administer
your system. Configuring your wireless connection, installing and updating
your favorite applications, using 3D desktop features, and using printers and
scanners are all child’s play.
You’ll find the latest tools to secure your data, and your children: modules
for parental control and to protect your system

The efficient office provides the best tools for doing your office work:
spreadsheet, word processor, presentation manager, and database. These
programs produce documents compatible with all the most widely-used office
applications, to make sure you can send your work anywhere.

The best media
Your Linux computer turns into a true multimedia center and connects with all
your favorite media devices. With Coherence, stream your media with the most
popular game consoles and multimedia players. Elisa is a true multimedia
center which lets you organize and browse your photos, music and videos.




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