LEAH DIZON Complete Edition

Leah Dizon in USA / Premium Edition “Exposed”

*Leah Dizon puts as much as possible on parade for you in this new DVD.
Following on the success of the “Leah Dizon / Girls of 360” DVD release, it’s time for a compilation of the edgy scenes that were cut from the first DVD that have now been allowed thanks to support from the original rights holders in America!
This is a two-disc premium edition DVD box set featuring extreme, sexy footage from Leah Dizon during her time as a race queen.
Get ready for lingerie shots, sexy smiles, an enticing interview, and if you’re lucky . . . That scene that’s been making talk in all the sports and rumor magazines in Japan! Yes, lotsa nipple-shots

This latest video “Premium Edition “Exposed” showcases ONLY Leah, filmed two months after her 18th birthday, with a runtime of 1hr 50min!
Leah Dizon…beautiful, sexy, hot and in her own admission very naughty.
Her brain turns wacky during interviews and she revealed that she ‘did horses’ when she was younger, and she likes guys with broad chests and strong arm muscles so that they can toss her around!
Loads of nipple-slips shots and photo-shoot so hot it burns up my screen.

Tambahan 1 dvd lagi untuk anda yg isinya:
List sebagian filenya:
-Hello! Leah (Leah Dizon 2nd Photobook)
-[HDTV] Leah Dizon – Softly @ MUSIC FIGHTER 2007.02.23 (1440×1080 MPEG2)
Leah appearing in a Japanese show, singing, talking in ridiculous HQ
580mb AVI (HDTV)
-Leah Dizon INVADES Japan PIX Assplosion
-Candid, Magazine Scans, and pix from her official website. AND this:
-Leah Dizon-Special in Australia (2007-02)
-Digital Photos from 3 weeks. Also includes some videos and screensavers as well, part of the Visual Young Jump package




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