A Roman of the three Kingdoms series

Dikenal juga dengan ‘SAMKOK’, Seri ini mengangkat novel sejarah terbaik China ke dalam layar kaca.
Dengan 28 DVD dan 84 Seri, Paket ini merupakan serial komplit dan paling komprehensif dalam menggambarkan sejarah tiga kerajaan…:)


Pada tahun 1995, CCTV memproduksi seri yang diangkat dari adaptasi novel
Romance of the Three Kingdoms, terdiri dari 84 seri dengan durasi 44 menit per episode.
Keseluruhan seri membawa 1000 personel kru produksi untuk menyelesaikannya dalam waktu
empat tahun, dan melibatkan lebih dari 400,000 warga sipil. Sebagian besar
dialog yang digunakan diadaptasi secara langsung dari novel aslinya dan
scene pertempuran ditampilkan sangat hidup dan seru.
Ini adalah seri CCTV termahal sepanjang sejarah.


Oath of the Peach Garden (桃园三结义)
Turmoil of the Ten Attendants (十常侍乱政)
Dong Zhuo Seizes the Capital (董卓霸京师)
Cao Cao Presents a Sword (孟德献刀)
Three Heroes Duel Lü Bu (三英战吕布)
A set of Interlocking Stratagems (连环计)
The Fengyi Pavilion (凤仪亭)
Liu Bei Declines to take Xuzhou Thrice (三让徐州)
Sun Ce building his career in Jiangdong (孙策立业)
Settling disputes by shooting (辕门射戟)
Battle of Wancheng (宛城之战)
Baimen Tower (part 1) (白门楼(上))
Baimen Tower (part 2) (白门楼(下))
Discussing the heroes of the country when drinking (煮酒论英雄)
Yuan Shao and Cao Cao Fight against each other (袁曹起兵)
Guan Yu plighting three conditions with Cao Cao (关羽约三事)
Hanging up seal and sealing up the treasures (挂印封金)
Riding Alone for a Thousand Miles (千里走单骑)
Meeting at Gucheng (古城相会)
Death of Sun Ce (孙策之死)
Battle of Guandu (part 1) (官渡之战(上))
Battle of Guandu (part 2) (官渡之战(下))
Yuan Shao Defeated (大破袁绍)
Leaping across the Tan River (跃马檀溪)
Looking for the talented person (刘备求贤)
Recommending Zhuge Liang (回马荐诸葛)
Visiting the Thatched Cottage Thrice (三顾茅庐)
Burning Bowang Po (火烧博望坡)
Crossing across the Yangtze River with civilians (携民渡江)
Arguing against Eastern Wu’s scholars (舌战群儒)
Irritating Zhou Yu by wisdom (智激周瑜)
A failed scheme by Zhou Yu (周瑜空设计)
The meeting of heroes (群英会)
Borrowing arrows from Cao Cao (草船借箭)
The self-torture ruse (苦肉计)
Pang Tong presenting scheme of Chaining ships (庞统献连环)
Composing a poem when wielding spear (横槊赋诗)
Zhuge Liang sacrificing for procuring a wind (诸葛祭风)
The Burning of the Red Cliffs (火烧赤壁)
Taking Nanjun by strategy (智取南郡)
Taking Four Commanderies by Force (力夺四郡)
Beauty Trap (美人计)
Ganlu Temple (甘露寺)
Return to Jingzhou (回荆州)
Anger Zhou Yu thrice (三气周瑜)
Zhuge Liang mourns for the dead (卧龙吊孝)
Cao Cao took to his heels (割须弃袍)
Zhang Song presents a map (张松献图)
Liu Bei enters Sichuan (刘备入川)
Valley of the Fallen Phoenix (凤雏落坡)
Releasing Yan Yan righteously (义释严颜)
The capture of West Shu (夺战西川)
Guan Yu goes to a feast alone but armed (单刀赴会)
Battle of Hefei (合肥会战)
Contending for Succession (立嗣之争)
The battle of Mount Dingjun (定军山)
Capturing Hanzhong by clever scheme (巧取汉中)
Drowning Seven Armies (水淹七军)
Guan Yu defeated in Maicheng (走麦城)
Death of Cao Cao (曹操之死)
Cao Pi usurping state power of Han Dynasty (曹丕篡汉)
Expedition to Eastern Wu (兴兵伐吴)
Burning of Shu’s camps (火烧连营)
Settling attacks from five directions (安居平五路)
Crossing the Lu River (兵渡泸水)
Asking the way in desperate situation (绝路问津)
Capturing and releasing Meng Huo seven times (七擒孟获)
The Northern Expedition (出师北伐)
Reducing Jiang Wei to submission (收姜维)
Sima Yi being restored to command (司马复出)
Empty fort strategy (空城退敌)
Sima Yi seizing the seal of commander (司马取印)
Zhuge Liang setting his wits to Sima Yi at Qishan (祁山斗智)
Zhuge Liang juggling on the beach (诸葛妆神)
The Six Expeditions to Qishan (六出祁山)
Extinguishing the fire in Shangfang Valley (火熄上方谷)
Autumn Winds on the Wuzhang Plains (秋风五丈原)
Sima Yi seizing military power from Cao Shuang by false illness (诈病赚曹爽)
Coups happening in the Wu Palace (吴宫干戈)
Besieged on Tielong Mountain (兵困铁笼山)
Sima Zhao Commits Regicide (司马昭弑君)
The ninth North Expedition to Central Plains (九伐中原)
Deng Ai making surprise advance by sideway to Yinping (偷渡阴平)
Jin unites the Three Kingdoms (三分归晋)

Subtitle Inggris, Mandarin
Kualitas Video jernih, Raw dump 1:1 dari DVD source original.Dapat di putar di DVD Player.

28 DVD



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