Sounds for Silence Baby Settling Package

This package includes the proven Sounds for Silence CD and 100 page Sounds for Silence Baby Settling and Health Guide. Even the most settled babies have their irritable moments and it is often hard to know what to do. Sounds for Silence is the essential baby settling package.

sebuah CD musik berisi suara2 pilihan (mozart, suara2 dari dalam rahim) yang akan membuat bayi kita / bayi anda anda sekalian terdiam ketika menangis…
dan membuat tidur bayi kita lebih tenang,
bayi tenang,,,orang tua tenang dan senang…:)


‘Sounds for Silence Baby Settling and Health Guide’ – a comprehensive and practical book containing over 100 pages of reassuring advice for parents on baby settling strategies, managing irritability and infant health issues. Dr Zehnwirth’s informative and encouraging Guide offers parents practical tips, ideas and support.

Chapters in the book include:
• Intuition
• Infant irritability
• Strategies for managing irritability
• Baby settling
• Feed, play, sleep
• Helpful general information
• Scary episodes
• The preterm infant (prematurity)
• Alarm bells
• Harry’s maxims – the minimum you should know
• Family stories
• Troubleshooting
• More information
• Behaviour diary

Dr Harry Zehnwirth has been specialising in Paediatrics for over 20 years. After caring for thousands of babies with irritability and sleep difficulties, he wanted to provide parents with practical answers to help them manage these common problems. What he developed was ‘Sounds for Silence CD’ and ‘Baby Settling and Health Guide’.

1 CD AUDIO+1 buku copy original


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