DVD BBC Planet Earth HD DVD Quality

Saya menawarkan seri Planet Earth berkualitas HD DVD bagi yang ingin menikmatinya namun terpentok masalah player, biaya, dan lain-lain, dalam bentuk DVD (13 DVD).

Semua episode disajikan dalam format Full HD 1080p.


Dirilis pada awal 2007, Planet Earth dapat dikatakan merupakan seri alam/kehidupan liar yang terbaik yang pernah diproduksi. Seri ini menuai sukses besar seperti seri The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, yang diluncurkan sebelumnya, dibawakan oleh Sir David Attenborough dan diorganisir sedemikian rupa sehingga tiap episode yang berdurasi 50 menit masing-masing mencakup daerah geografis atau habitat kehidupan liar secara spesifik (pegunungan, goa, gurun, laut dangkal, hutan musiman, dll).

Product Details
Actors: David Attenborough
Format: Color, Widescreen, 1080p AVC
Language: English
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Number of Discs: 12
Studio: BBC Warner
DVD Release Date: April 24, 2007
Run Time: 550 minutes
Amazon.com Sales Rank: #21 in DVD (See Bestsellers in DVD)
Won 4 Primetime Emmys. Another 6 wins & 11 nominations

User Rating: 9.8/10
(4,292 votes)

Seperti apa film dokumenter yang menghabiskan dana $25 juta, 5 tahun pembuatan, 2,000 hari di lapangan, melibatkan 40 kameramen yang memfilmkan sisi kehidupan liar di lebih dari 200 lokasi, semuanya dishot pada format kualitas tinggi?

Pengalaman baru dalam seri dokumenter yang menangkap aksi yang langka, medan yang keras dan momen-momen intim mahkluk-makhluk buas di planet yang kita cintai. Dari pegunungan tertinggi sampai sungai terdalam, seri fenomenal ini membawa kita ke perjalanan yang tidak terlupakan melalui perjuangan sehari-hari untuk bertahan hidup di habitat paling ekstrim di muka bumi. Planet Earth membawa kita ke tempat yang belum pernah kita lihat sebelumnya, untuk menyaksikan pemandangan dan suara yang tidak akan pernah kita alami di lain tempat.

Planet Earth Feature Movie
================================================== ====
Documentary spektakuler ini disajikan dalam 11 episode yang
masing – masing mencakup bagian bumi kita yang unik ini.

Episode 01: From Pole to Pole

PLANET EARTH’s premiere episode, “Pole to Pole,” ties the series together with a fresh understanding of how life in every nook and cranny of the globe is connected — from the highest mountains and darkest caves; shallowest water and deepest oceans; ice-covered lands and great plains; untamed jungles and giant forests; to freshwater and the harshest deserts. The sunward tilt of Earth’s orbit dictates all our lives, creating the seasons that trigger one of the greatest spectacles in the world — the mass migration of animals. It’s a unique view of the majesty of our planet and the amazing creatures that live here.

Episode 02: Mountains

This episode tours the mightiest of mountain ranges and introduces a few of its extreme animal mountaineers — the mountain lion, snow leopard and puma, all rarely filmed creatures. CGI time-lapse footage brings the mysterious geological history of mountains to life, while flying alongside bar-headed geese provides a spectacular view of the Himalayas.

Episode 03: Fresh Water

Just 3 percent of the planet’s water is fresh and it is our most precious resource. Rivers and lakes have shaped the earth, carving out the world’s most impressive gorges, valleys and waterfalls. Unique behavior takes place in the presence of this life force, such as dueling otters and crocodiles and diving macaques.

Episode 04: Caves

Caves are Earth’s final frontier, and this episode will go where few have been before. Caves are one of the only habitats not directly driven by sunlight, but this doesn’t mean there’s no wildlife living in their confines. Descend into darkness to witness the unseen behaviors of bizarre creatures like cave angel fish that attach themselves to walls and swiftlets that build nests from saliva.

Episode 5: Deserts

Deserts are united by their lack of rain, yet they are the most varied of our planet’s ecosystems. Go where freshwater is really precious and meet animals that have learned to survive with small amounts of it, such as the wild Bactrian camel of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert that eats snow instead of drinking water or Chile’s guanacos that lick dew from cactus spines. Experience spectacular aerial and time-lapse footage, featuring an explosion of life and shifting sand dunes.

Episode 06: Ice Worlds

This episode guides viewers on a journey to the polar extremes of our planet. Freshwater is frozen and out of reach, and coupled with numbing temperatures, this makes life hard in frozen climes from the top to the bottom of the world. CGI time-lapse and elapsed-time filming techniques show Arctic ice coming and going over the centuries, and emperor penguins settling in to breed in Antarctica.

Episode 07: Great Plains

A quarter of the earth’s surface is covered with grass, and the world’s plains are home to massive herds of animals. This episode traverses the grasslands of Mongolia and the flooding plains of Papua New Guinea, and finds great gatherings of creatures, such as East Africa’s wildebeest and clusters of rare grazers like Mongolian gazelles.

Episode 08: Jungles

Beautiful floating aerial shots introduce the world’s most spectacular forest vistas and high-definition cameras enable unprecedented views of the species that live on the dark jungle floor, in this episode. Enter a world of mood and menace, and witness intense competition on a macro and micro scale as jaguars track prey and fungi infiltrate insect hosts.

Episode 09: Shallow Seas

Follow a humpback whale mother and her calf on their epic journey to the most prolific feeding grounds that fringe the coasts. The shallow seas that lie above the continental shelf are the richest in the ocean. It is here that you find the coral reefs and, in colder waters, the fishing grounds. Massive shoals of fish act like magnets for predators. Spectacular storm footage, above and below the water, reveals extraordinary events in this tropical paradise.

Episode 10: Seasonal Forests

This episode tells the story of seasonal forests and plant survival. Forests cover vast expanses from Siberia to Tasmania and still remain largely unexplored. Infrared and low-light cameras peek into the lives of elusive woodland inhabitants, such as snub-nosed monkeys, Amur leopards and Siberian tigers.

Episode 11: Ocean Deep

The ocean is by far the largest habitat on our planet and it remains almost entirely unexplored. This episode scans the ocean’s vast surface and trolls its depths, revealing daytime hunters and night feeders, from dolphins to manta rays, and life among hot vents and underwater massifs, following the energy source between oceanic white tips, myctopids, tuna, whale sharks and petrels.

Planet Earth Extra
Selain 11 episode utama, Planet Earth juga memiliki 3 extra.

Planet Earth: Diaries

Ten minutes of behind-the-scenes footage for each episode, as on their original broadcasts.

Planet Earth: The Future

Three programmes look at the environmental problems facing our planet.
Is future development sustainable, and can people and wildlife co-exist?
Saving Species
Into the Wilderness
Living Together

Planet Earth: Original Sound Track

Software player akan saya sertakan:
– K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.90
– CoreAVC Pro

13 DVD



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