DVD Calibration (Digital Video Essentials)

DVD Kalibrasi (Digital Video Essentials), Monster ISF Calibration dan Setting THX DTS SoundSystem

– JKP Joe Kane Productions DVE Digital Video Essentials

Keterangan Singkat dari Cnet-Asia

Digital Video Essentials
Upside: Excellent in-depth explanations of up-to-the-minute home theater concepts; comprehensive test patterns and montages; mastered in 16:9 wide-screen format.

Downside: Sometimes inadequate explanations of setup routines; constant chapter stops; no human host.
Best for: True and aspiring videophiles who want the most current, in-depth video information and don’t mind falling asleep to get it.

The successor to Video Essentials, also available in both 1080i and 720p resolutions, has the advantage of being the newest calibration DVD–and a lot has changed in the last few years. Watching the tutorial is a little like attending a class taught by HAL from the movie 2001 since there’s no visible human host, and the narrator sounds a little too nice. The explanations are extremely informative and complete, and they include details that other discs miss. But the actual how-to of setup isn’t as straightforward; beginners should avoid Digital Video Essentials.
Berisikan informasi dan tata cara melakukan setting dan kalibrasi pada TV/LCD/Proyektor.
Didalamnya terdapat tutorial dan teknik2 kalibrasi untuk mendapatkan hasil yg maksimalkan gambar dan warna TV\LCD\Proyektor anda baik brightness, contrast, colour, tint dan sharpness. DVD ini official dan isinya bukan gambar2 ikan/buat permen (demo di electronic city). Untuk film/gambar HD memang ada untuk testing hasil kalibrasi apakah sudah bagus or belom.
Selain itu terdapat juga tata ruang untuk menyusun Home Theaternya, baik LCD maupun jarak speakernya.

Format gambar kualitas DVD 9/Dual layer




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