How To Breakdance

DVD volume 1
windmill, Hand Spin, Six Step, Up Rock, Wave,
Glide, Popping, Kip Ups, Valdez, Swipes,
Double Legged Swipes, Knee Drop and

DVD volume 2
Flares, 1990’s, Head Spin, Jack Hammers, Coin Drop,
Back Spin, Robot, Hurricanes, Freezes, Air Freeze,
Elbow Swipes, Turtles, Jester Kicks, Side Shuffle and

DVD volume 3
“The Art of Popping and Locking”
Wave Breakdown, Strobe Walk, Centipede (worm),
Moon Walk, Backward Centiped, The Wall, The Ball,
Floating Head, Wave Kick Locking Moves and

DVD volume 4
Air Flares, Hollow back, Boomerang flip, Halos,
Puppet, “BREAKERS” windmills, Munchmills
Hollowback press, L-kick combo, the “Bug”
Brooklyn top rock, 1 arm floor lift

Yang mo belajar breakdance,tapi ga tau caranya atau ga da yang ngajarin.Beli DVD ini ajah….!Di jamin pasti cepet bisa…! šŸ™‚

Untuk Info lebih lengkap bisa di liat

kalo di situs tersebut DVD per-volume $17,95.

Di sini DVD per-volume cuma Rp.25.000,-

Beli 4 volume sekaligus cuma Rp.75.000,-


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