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Saint Seiya

Posted in Saint Seiya on April 30, 2008 by Marilyn

Saint Seiya TV Series (114 Seri)
Saint Seiya – Hades Sanctuary (13 Seri)
Saint Seiya – Hades Inferno – 1st part (6 Seri)
Saint Seiya – Heaven Chapter (1 Seri)

Format : rmvb (Real Media)
Audio : Japan
Subtitle : English





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Film nostalgia nih….. n__n!

Air Wolf
Season 1 – (12 episode) – 1 DVD [end] No Subs
Season 2 – (20 episode) – 1 DVD [end] No Subs
Season 3 – (20 episode) – 2 DVD [end] No Subs

Harga DVD Rp.10.000,-/Keping

Baby Einstein & DVD Interaktif anak

Posted in Baby Einstein & DVD Interaktif anak on April 30, 2008 by Marilyn

2 DVD Anak Interaktif (Plus bonus 1 DVD Baby Einstein Collection yang bernilai $299, jadi Total 3 Keping DVD). Dengan bantuan DVD ini anda bisa mengajarkan anak anda belajar mandiri, kreatif, cerdas. Adapun materi yang ada di dalamnya meliputi bidang bahasa(mandarin, inggris), pengetahuan umum, lingkungan sekitar, wawasan global, religi, komputer, dll.

Paket terdiri dari :

DVD ke-1 : 3 Paket anak Cerdas, 1 Paket Aku senang Sekolah, 1 Paket English, 1 Paket Anak Mandiri, 1 Paket Belajar Al’quran, 1 Paket Mufrodat Lil jamik, 1 Paket Alam dan Teknologi, dan 1 Paket Our House.

DVD ke-2 : 1 Paket Belajar Bahasa Cina, 1 Paket Game Dunia Satwa, 1 Paket Gurun Gobi, 1 Paket Si Acel, 1 Paket Computer For Kids, 1 Paket Lautan Angka, 1 Paket Kamus Gambar, 1 Paket Wawasan Global, 1 Paket Anak Islam, dan 1 Paket Pengetahuan Fisika.

DVD ke-3 : 15 paket Baby Einstein.

Untuk isi/konten baby Einstein Collection sebagai bonus untuk anda, bisa dilihat di situsnya Baby Einstein di :

Harga Asli kurang lebih $299 dan itu semua bisa anda dapatkan dengan hanya seharga :


The Art of Kissing

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Description :
The Art of Kissing is the only authorized DVD edition of William Cane’s classic. It will teach you to kiss like the book never could – by showing you each kiss on screen. What could be easier! All you have to do is watch, and you’ll learn to do thirty different romantic kisses, including lip-o-suction, the Trobriand Islands kiss, the french kiss, and more.

If you love to kiss, you owe it to yourself to see these two extraordinary how-to documentaries by William Cane, author of the best-seller The Art of Kissing. In ninety minutes of nonstop entertainment, Cane and a cast of teens show you how to kiss like the sexiest person alive. This DVD was produced and directed by William Cane so you know it’s the latest word on kissing. It also contains the deluxe director’s cut edition.

You’ll see real teens kissing, and then they’ll talk to you right from the screen, telling you what they wish their partners would do, so that YOU know exactly how YOU should move YOUR tongue. After watching these movies, a whole new you will emerge. You’ll become such a passionate, exciting, romantic kisser that your dates will cry tears of pleasure.

“ Even if you’ve never kissed before, these movies will teach you so much that no one will ever know it’s your first time. And experienced kissers will learn so many new secrets they’ll amaze their partners. ”

PART 1 – HOW TO KISS: (teaches you thirty different romantic kisses)

1. How to act on a date?
2. How to flirt?
3. How to tell if someone wants to be kissed?
4. How to get boys to kiss you? How to get girls to kiss you? Should you wear lipstick?
5. The first kiss
6. The lip kiss
7. The shy kiss
8. How to practice a kiss?
9. Should you kiss with your eyes open or closed?
10. The mirror kiss
11. The talking kiss
12. The laughing kiss
13. The eye kiss
14. The biting kiss
15. What to do with your hands?
16. The A-frame mistake
17. The make-up kiss
18. The ear kiss
19. The phone kiss
20. The neck kiss
21. The eskimo kiss
22. The electric kiss
23. The candy kiss
24. The sliding kiss
25. The wet kiss
26. The hollywood kiss
27. Bad boys
28. Kissing sessions, or How to make out?
29. Lip-o-suction
30. The teasing kiss
31. The butterfly kiss
32. The public kiss
33. The music kiss
34. The upside-down kiss
35. The vacuum kiss
36. The french kiss (also treated in more detail in part 2)
37. The trobriand islands kiss
38. The car kiss
39. Kissing advice – how to give a hickey?
40. Credits

PART 2 – HOW TO FRENCH KISS: (shows you how to do the most exciting kiss of all)

1. What is a french kiss?
2. What can go wrong during a french kiss?
3. How to practice a french kiss?
4. Why does a french kiss feel good?
5. How do I get boys to french kiss me?
6. How do I get boys to stop french kissing me?
7. How do I get girls to french kiss me?
8. What can I do with my tongue?
9. What are some tricks I can do while french kissing?
10. How should I move my hands while french kissing?
11. How should I snuggle while french kissing?
12. How long should a french kiss last?
13. How can I improve my french kisses?

PART 3 – Extras and Outtakes: (including four kisses not available on video)

1. The androgynous kiss
2. The spanking kiss
3. The lip kiss (detailed advanced version)
4. The hand kiss
5. At the corral
6. Jessica gets hit in the head by the camera
7. William Cane’s books
8. Original trailer for HOW TO KISS
9. Original trailer for HOW TO FRENCH KISS

You won’t be disappointed! And here’s one final reason to get it. In part 2, William Cane actually goes into a huge mouth to show you how to move your tongue during a french kiss. Not only is this educational but it’s hysterically funny and a great movie to watch on a date with YOUR special someone…



A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex

Posted in A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex on April 28, 2008 by Marilyn

1 DVD A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex, DVD ini merupakan TV Series di UK mengenai edukasi sex, Format videonya AVI. DVD ini mengenalkan kita kepada berbagai macam istilah sex, dari posisi-posisi yang dilakukan, peralatan pembesar Mr.P, Operasi pembesar Mr.P, anal sex, Sex ala Tantra, titik G-Spot, Disfungsi ereksi, Operasi Penyempitan Mrs.V, Boneka Sex, Dll. Kelebihan seri ini kita diperlihatkan secara gamblang bagaimana Mr. P dimasukin ke Mrs. V dan proses kerjanya. Pokoknya Oke bgt buat Panduan…

Penjelasan mengenai DVD nya :…st_Century_Sex

A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex is an 8 part TV series about sex, billed as a documentary and running on the British broadcasting station Five. The 45-minute long episodes (including advertisements) were broadcast on Monday nights and presented by Dr. Catherine Hood. The series started on 30 October 2006, with the final programme broadcast on 18 December 2006.

Each episode explained a sex position and covered a sexually transmitted disease. Additionally the following topics were covered: sex among handicapped people, penis enlargement devices, penis enlargement surgery, anal sex, tantric sex, the g-spot, erectile dysfunction, sex reassignment surgery, cosmetic surgery of the vagina (labiaplasty), swinging, sex on public toilets, full body plastic wrap bondage, and sex dolls.

The first few episodes of the series are extremely explicit, showing erect penises and close-ups of a vulva as well as detailed footage of sexual intercourse including penetration and ejaculation (both filmed with a tiny camera from within the vagina). In subsequent episodes, most such footage was heavily (and seemingly hastily) censored through blurring; however, the programme remains perhaps the most explicit ever to be broadcast on mainstream UK television.

Twenty-one people complained to the national television regulator, Ofcom, that the explicitness of the sexual scenes breached obscenity and broadcasting regulations, but in their 29 January bulletin, Ofcom ruled that there was no rule banning the showing of genuine sexual acts on free-to-air television, and that “in their view the portrayal of sex in this programme genuinely sought to inform and educate”, concluding that “whilst the visuals were explicit at times, nothing was transmitted in a manner that could be construed as having the potential to harm people under the age of eighteen”, particularly given its context as a serious factual programme, and as such it was ruled that the episodes were not in breach of any broadcasting regulations.




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Program ini berisi latihan & tutorial rahasia2 speed reading semisal : bagaimana cara memperluas sudut pandangan, bagaimana cara mengenali huruf/kata/kalimat bahkan paragraf dengan jauh lebih cepat!

Klaim Software ini akan membuat kecepatan baca kita jadi 2 sampai 10 kali lebih cepat!

+ Meningkatkan skill kecepatan membaca
+ Evaluasi pra test dan post test
+ Reading practice ready
+ Personal training (Eye brain Enchanchement + Reading Training)
+ Eye Exercises, Maze Games, Number Find Games, Two Point Training, Comprehension Test, etc
+ Berisi 12 sesi FULL (1 sesi per hari)

Program ini berisi latihan & tutorial rahasia-rahasia Speed Reading misalnya : cara memperluas sudut pandang, bagaimana cara mengenali huruf/kata/kalimat bahkan paragraf dengan jauh lebih cepat.

ini link informasi lanjut :

Judul :EyeQ

1 CD



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Apa sih mythbuster itu?

Salah satu judul reality show paling anyar yang kini tengah menjadi tontonan paling menarik di AS adalah MythBusters. Program prime time yang tayang di Discovery Channel menguak kenyataan di balik berbagai mitos, legenda, dan takhayul sains yang selama ini beredar di seputar kita.

Beberapa hal dikuak MythBusters selama penayangannya di antaranya adalah :
– seberapa besar kemungkinan secara ilmiah seseorang dapat menemukan jarum dalam tumpukan jerami?
– benarkah menggunakan handphone di areal SPBU bisa menyebabkan ledakan?
– benarkah menggunakan handphone di pesawat terbang mempengaruhi peralatan pesawat?
– benarkah sudah ada astronot di zaman Cina kuno?
– apakah manusia memang bisa terbang ke angkasa memakai kursi yang pada bagian belakangnya dipasangi roket?
– apakah menutupi granat yang akan meledak dengan tubuh bisa menyelamatkan orang di sekitarnya?
– bisakah manusia berjalan di atas air?
– bisakah menangkis samurai dengan tangan kosong tanpa terluka?
– benarkah ketika kita bersin dengan mata terbuka akan menyebabkanbola mata akan meloncat keluar dari rongganya?
– berapa lama kesempatan bagi manusia untuk bisa meloloskan diri dari sebuah mobil yang sedang tenggelam?
– benarkah suara manusia bisa memadamkan kobaran api?
– benarkah makan mentos secara bersamaan dengan cola bisa menyebabkan lambung meledak?
– benarkah manusia bisa melawan gravitasi dan dapat terbang dengan mudah?
– benarkah peluru yang ditembakkan di dalam air tidak akan melukai manusia?
– benarkah pikiran manusia bisa dikontrol oleh orang lain?
– bisakah sebuah ruangan bisa dicat menggunakan dinamit?
– apakah gigi manusia betul-betul cukup kuat untuk menahan laju peluru senjata api?

…… dan berbagai mitos-mitos lainnya yang beredar di masyarakat yang terlalu banyak untuk disebutkan satu persatu di thread ini.

Duet pemandu acara Adam Savage dan Jamie Hyneman mencoba membuktikan secara ilmiah semua mitos tersebut. Mereka mencari mana yang betul-betul terbukti dan mana yang ternyata cuma sekadar omong kosong belaka alias HOAX. Sejak tayang perdana 23 Januari 2003 lalu, MythBusters melesat menjadi programa andalan Discovery Channel yang meraup angka rating tertinggi. Dan saat ini, Mythbuster telah memasuki musim tayang yang ke-6 dengan jumlah pemirsa yang terus meningkat.

Season dan Episode:

Mythbusters Pilots  1 DVD

Pilot 1 – Jet assisted Chevvy
Pilot 2 – Airplane toilet, Biscuit Bazooka, Leaping Lawyer
Pilot 3 – Lawn Chair Balloon, Poppy Seed Drug Test, Goldfinger

Season 1 [2003-2004]  1 DVD + 1 CD

Episode 1: Ice Bullet, Exploding Toilet, Who Gets Wetter?
Episode 2: Cell Phone Destruction, Silicone Breasts, CD-ROM Shattering
Episode 3: Barrel of Bricks, Peeing on the Third Rail, Eel Skin Wallet
Episode 4: Penny Drop, Deadly Microwaves, Radio Tooth Fillings
Episode 5: Hammer Bridge Drop, Buried Alive, Cola
Episode 6: Lightning Strikes Tongue Piercing, Tree Cannon, Beat the Breath Test
Episode 7: Stinky Car, Raccoon Rocket
Episode 8: Escape From Alcatraz, Duck Quack, Stud Finder
Episode 9: Chicken Gun, Octopus Egg Pregnancy, Killer Washing Machine
Episode 10: Explosive Decompression, Frog Giggin’, Rear Axle
Episode 11: Sinking Titanic, Goldfish Memory, Trombone Explosion
Episode 12: Break Step Bridge, Toothbrush Surprise, Rowing Water Skier
Episode 13: Buried in Concrete, Daddy—Longlegs, Jet Taxi

Season 2 [2004]  1 DVD

Episode 1: Myths Revisited
Episode 2: Scuba Diver, Car Capers
Episode 3: Ancient Death Ray, Skunk Cleaning, What Is Bulletproof?
Episode 4: Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine
Episode 5: Beat the Radar Detector, Construction Worker
Episode 6: Quicksand, Bathtub Electrocution, MRI Rays and Tattoos
Episode 7: Exploding Jawbreaker, Killer Card, Construction Worker and Static Cannon
Episode 8: Pingpong Rescue, Balloon Lift
Episode 9: Boom-Lift Catapult, Keeping the Car Cool
Episode 10: Exploding House, Needle in a Haystack, Talking and Plants
Episode 11: Ming Dynasty Astronaut, Free Energy Devices, Ceiling Fan Death Trap

Season 3 [2005]  2 DVD

Episode 1: Brown Note
Episode 2: Salsa Escape
Episode 3: Exploding Port-a-Potty
Episode 4: Is Yawning Contagious?
Episode 5: Cooling a Six-Pack
Episode 6: Son of a Gun
Episode 7: Breaking Glass
Episode 8: Jet Pack
Episode 9: Killer Brace Position
Episode 10: Bulletproof Water
Episode 11: Border Slingshot
Episode 12: Killer Tissue Box
Episode 13: Escape Slide Parachute
Episode 14: MythBusters Revisited
Episode 15: Chinese Invasion Alarm
Episode 16: Confederate Rocket
Episode 17: Vodka Myths
Episode 18: Steel Toe-Cap Amputation
Episode 19: Seasickness — Kill or Cure

Season 4 [2006]  2 DVD + 1 CD

Episode 1: Paper Crossbow, More Vodka Myths
Episode 2: Shredded Plane
Episode 3: Archimedes Death Ray
Episode 4: Helium Football, Bullet Versus Teeth
Episode 5: Franklin’s Kite, Bean Flatulence, Suffocating Flatulence
Episode 6: Cell Phones on Planes, Helium Raft
Episode 7: Bullets Fired Up, Another Round of Vodka Myths
Episode 8: Myths Revisited
Episode 9: Mind Control, Painting and Detonating
Episode 10: Exploding Pants, Great Gas Conspiracy
Episode 11: Crimes and Myth-Demeanors 1
Episode 12: Steam Cannon, Breakfast Cereal
Episode 13: Whirlpool, Snowplow
Episode 14: Mentos and Soda, Stamp Tailspin
Episode 15: Shattering Subwoofer, Rough Road Driving, Stopping Windshield Shatt
Episode 16: Crimes and Myth-Demeanors 2
Episode 17: Earthquake Machine, Lethal Lava Lamp
Episode 18: Deadly Straw, Hurricane and Chicken Feathers, Horticultural House of Horrors
Episode 19: Killer Cable Snaps, Pottery Record
Episode 20: Air Cylinder Rocket, Engines Fueled by Gun Powder
Episode 21: More Myths Revisited
Episode 22: Exploding Lighter, Magnificent Three
Episode 23: Concrete Glider, Train Platform
Episode 24: Firearms Folklore, The Hammer
Episode 25: Anti-Gravity Device, Christmas Light Fire, Vodka Jellyfish
Episode 26: 22,000-Foot Fall, 106-Year-Old Lightbulb

Season 5 [2007]  1 DVD

Episode 1: Hindenburg Mystery
Episode 2: Pirate Special
Episode 3: Underwater Car
Episode 4: Speed Cameras
Episode 5: Dog Myths
Episode 6: More Myths Revisited
Episode 7: Voice Flame Extinguisher
Episode 8: Birds in a Truck
Episode 9: Walking on Water
Episode 10: Western Myths
Episode 11: Big Rig Myths
Episode 12: Grenades and Guts
Episode 13: Snow Special

Season 6 [2007-2008]  1 DVD

Episode 1: Baseball Myths
Episode 2: Viewer Special
Episode 3: Red Rag to a Bull
Episode 4: Superhero Special
Episode 5: Myth Revolution

Mythbusters Specials  1 DVD

Buster Special
Christmas Special
Christmas Special 2006
Hollywood On Trial
Jaws Special
Mega Movie Myths
Outtakes Special
Mythbusters Revealed
Shop Till you Drop
Ultimate Mythbuster

Total 6 Season (2003-2008) dikemas dalam 10 DVD (+ 2 CD)

1 DVD = 15.000,- (Minimal pembelian 3 DVD)
1 CD = 6.000,-

Jika ambil semuanya cukup seharga:
Rp.130.000,- (belum termasuk ongkos kirim)